We have 2 Locations for Bella Vista Adult Family Homes

BVAFM is Located on the Palouse
The Palouse

The Palouse is kind of the hidden gem in Washington with one of the most unique rolling-hills-landscape in the northwest. The area known as The Palouse spans several counties, Whitman County being the central hub and home to the towns of Pullman, Colfax, Palouse and Uniontown.

Pullman is home to Washington State University, which was founded in 1890 and is the state's original and largest land-grant university. Today, Washington State University is home to about 25,000 students during the academic-year, implying that from the onset of fall to end of spring our community is extremely vibrant.

The rolling hills-landscape has bestowed Pullman with four incredible hills, which include Pioneer Hill, Sunnyside Hill, Military Hill, and College Hill. Pioneer Hill on the southeast, Sunnyside Hill on the southwest, Military Hill on the northwest, and College Hill on the northeast, of downtown Pullman.

Bella Vista Adult Family Home
Bella Vista Adult Family Home

Our parent home, Bella Vista Adult Family Home (see photo on the right), is located on quiet neighborhood on Pullman’s popular Military Hill at 1540 NW Bella Vista Drive, Pullman, WA 99163. Military Hill is the home of the Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center, where we regularly enroll some of our residents for swimming sessions and lessons.

The immediate neighborhood of this home is relatively new having been developed only in the 2000s. This beautiful five bedroom home is licensed for six residents, which translates to four private bedrooms and one shared bedroom in this home.

the Sandalwood Adult Family Home
The Sandalwood Adult Family Home

The first-offspring home, Sandalwood AFH (photo on the left), which opened its doors in April, 2020, is located on Pioneer Hill at 1125 SE Sandalwood Drive, Pullman, WA 99163. Pioneer Hill has a mix of vintage and newer homes. Pioneer Hill offers a serene environment and is within walking distance to both downtown Pullman and to both Walmart Supercenter and Safeway Supermarkets.

lady in walker

Besides, Pioneer Hill is also home to Kruegel Park, which offers our residents a nearby additional space for taking relaxing walks when weather elements allow. This gorgeous home also has five spacious bedrooms, is licensed for six residents, and similarly has four private bedrooms and one shared bedroom.

Both homes are located about 5 – 10 minutes-drive to downtown Pullman, the Pullman Regional Hospital, Restaurants, and most Shopping Centers and Supermarkets.

The residential setting of both Bella Vista AFH and Sandalwood AFH provide our Residents a homely environment and a sense of belonging to a community (Below: view of our home on a typical night).

Bella Vista at night
The Bella Vista Home at night
Wheelchair accessible

Both Bella Vista AFH and Sandalwood are single level homes, which allow easy access on either wheelchair, Hoyer lifts, or walker.

Another unique feature of our homes is that both are endowed with ample outdoor spaces, where our residents can enjoy being outside for short or extended durations depending on weather conditions and their respective negotiated care plans. On the right: photo of our residents enjoying time outside our Bella Vista AFH.

Bella Vista Backyard Deck
Bella Vista Backyard Deck

Both homes welcome visitors during the day as long as those visits do not conflict with the comfort and needs of our Residents or with mutually agreed pre-appointments. On the left: photo of our spacious deck in the Sandalwood home.

Sandalwood spacious deck
Sandalwood spacious deck

Please contact either of our Bella Vista Adult Family Homes managers for more information. Felicina Muchiri can be reached at (509) 330-6325, or sunshinepeakllc@gmail.com,while Margaret Muchiri can be reached at (509)251-2437 or sunshinepeakllc@gmail.com.