Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Family Homes

Q: What is an adult family home?

A:An adult family home (AFH) is mainly a non-medical single-family home, which offer personalized services to small groups of adults (normally two to six). An AFH provide lodging, meals, and assistance with ordinary daily living activities.

Q: Are all adult family homes the same?

A: In principle, all AFH are the same. However, in practice, each AFH is unique. Although AFH are licensed to house TWO to SIX Residents (with a few exemptions licensed for up to EIGHT Residents), many AFH have only about three-shared bedrooms and do not offer private-living arrangements. Our two homes each has FOUR private bedrooms and only one shared bedroom.

Q: Other than adult family homes, which are the other types of facilities are available for elderly and vulnerable adults?

A: Other potential placements for your elderly and vulnerable adults include Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Q: What is the difference between an Adult Family Home and an Assisted Living Facility?

A: Assisted living facilities are suitable for Residents who are almost fully independent but who may require assistance with some ordinary living activities. You will want to know what specific kind of services are offered at each Assisted Living Facility.

Q: What is the difference between an adult family home and a nursing home?

A: Nursing homes provide specialized care not providable in a typical Adult Family Home. A resident who requires skilled nursing services, for example, would need to be placed in a nursing home.

Notice of Disclaimer: The responses provided, for each questions in this section, is for information purposes, and is purely based on Bella Vista Adult Family Home observations and experiences during over ten years of service in this industry. This information is intended for general guidance only. Every adult family home, assisted living facility, or nursing home is unique should be consulted directly to establish the level of services available for their residents.