About the Bella Vista Adult Family Homes

Bella Vista Adult Family Homes is a Pullman, Washington State, based small family business doing business as (dba) Sunshine Peak LLC. Margaret Muchiri and Felicina Muchiri are the official representatives and respective resident managers for our two homes.

About the Owners:

About Bella Vist Adult Family Homes

Bella Vista AFH has successfully served the Palouse community since early 2011. However, both Felicina and Margaret have been providing care to elderly and vulnerable adults for a much longer time and, therefore, have extensive training and experience caregiving adults.

Felicina and Margaret are well versed in all aspects of adult family home administration, and the respective managements of dementia, mental health, and development disabilities.

About the owners Felicina and Margaret

Felicina and Margaret are responsible for training, empowering, and supervising our caregiving staff to provide the best care possible for our Residents 24 hours every day.

Margaret and Felicina are in the homes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and are on call 24 hours every day. When either is on vacation or on leave of absence, an alternate Manager is at hand to assist in running the homes.

About Our Adult Family Home License

Adult Family Home(s), in Washington State, are licensed individually by state DSHS to provide specific services to elderly and vulnerable adults. Please visit our services page for a more comprehensive listing of services provided in both our Bella Vista and Sandalwood Adult Family Homes.

In addition, please visit the DSHS website Adult Care to learn more about the level of care, expected of, or provided by Adult Family Homes in Washington.

For more information on services provided at our homes, please contact our managers at any time. Felicina Muchiri can be reached at: (509) 330-6325 or sunshinepeakllc@gmail.com, while Margaret Muchiri can be reached at (509)251-2437 or sunshinepeakllc@gmail.com.

About Medicaid and Private Pay Funding

About Medicaid or private page options

There are many different types of homes or facilities where an elderly or vulnerable adult can live and get care services in a residential setting. One important consideration is whether the person will be using state funds (Medicaid) to pay for care or is self-funded (i.e., private-pay).

If state funds will be used, the home or facility must be licensed and sanctioned by Washington State to accept Medicaid payment for residents. Both of our adult family homes are duly licensed and approved by the Washington State DSHS and, therefore, do accept both Medicaid and Private-Pay residents.